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Job Sponsorship

Work Sponsorship Visa Package

Travel to Australia, Canada, UK, USA, France, or Portugal with a job sponsorship visa loan. This loan is repayable over 18 months with a 3.5% interest rate.

Australia 6 months
Canada 6months
France 3 months
Portugal 4months
UK 3 months
USA 6months

Valid International Passport. A standard sized passport photograph with white background.
1 Guarantor (Full information of Guarantor).
Statement of account of Guarantor of ₦10million at least.
IELTS if you’re didn’t study in English
Proficiency of English certificate or letter.
Police Character certificate.
Birth Certificate.
Signature of applicant.
Educational certificate or Trade certificate.
Marriage certificate.

Name of Agent that referred you.
Landed Documents as proof of paying back.

Architects, Urban Planners and Designers
Biologists, Botanists, Zoologists
Electrical, Electronic and Telecommunications Engineers
Industrial, Civil, Mechanical, Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
Agricultural, Forestry and Environmental Engineers
Finance, Accounting, Management, Marketing and Public Relations Specialists
Specialists in legal and social matters (lawyers, economists, psychologists, journalists, translators, etc.)
Physicists, Chemists, Mathematicians and Statisticians
General doctors and specialists
Nurses and nursing assistants
Health professionals (physiotherapists, nutritionists, therapists, etc.)
Health aides and family helpers
Veterinarians and veterinary assistants
Educational assistants
Analysts and Programmers (software, web and applications)
Information technology specialists and operators
Telecommunications technicians
Technicians of cultural and religious activities (librarians, museum curators, photographers, decorators, etc.)
Artists and workers in the performing arts
Physical activity and sports technicians (athletes, coaches, instructors, etc.)
Office Employees, Administrative and Secretaries
Call center and switchboard staff
Chefs and Cooks
Kitchen assistants and meal preparers
Bakers, confectioners and confectioners
Waiters and bar staff
Hotel receptionist
Hairdressers, beauticians, masseurs and similar
Salespeople in stores and cashiers
Protection and security services personnel (guards, doormen, etc.)
Agriculture, animal production and forestry workers
Fisheries and aquaculture workers
Those in charge of the extractive, manufacturing and civil construction industries
Workers building basic structures (bricklayers, paving workers, reinforced concrete workers, carpenters)
Construction finishing workers (tilers, plasterers, plumbers, painters, etc.)
Metallurgy and metalworking workers (structure assemblers, welders, locksmiths, etc.)
Electrical and electronics workers
Food processing workers (meat and fish preparers, canners, etc.)
Workers in the clothing and footwear industry (tailors, shoemakers, etc.)
Machine operators in the extractive, manufacturing and construction industries
Mechanics and repairers of machines and vehicles
Warehouse and Logistics Employees
Locomotive and similar drivers
Drivers of cars, vans and motorcycles
Heavy vehicle and bus drivers
Cleaning and domestic workers

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