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We are committed to providing the highest quality services to our clients. We started operation in 2015 and became registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in 2021.
Since then, we have helped numerous students who wish to study abroad achieve their educational dreams. We have a team of highly experienced and qualified staff who are passionate about education and travel. We have our headquarters in Lagos State, Nigeria but we have representatives in many countries around the world.

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ISDA will be the leading provider of international student advising services, helping students to successfully pursue their education goals abroad. We will be recognized for our dedication to our clients, our expert advice, and our commitment to student success.

Our mission is to provide international students with the advice and support they need to pursue their education goals abroad. We are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complex process of choosing the right school and program, and we are committed to providing them with the best possible experience throughout their studies

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How do I finance my study abroad experience?

Financing study abroad can be done through various means. Scholarships and grants specifically designed for study abroad programs are often available. You can also explore financial aid options offered by your home institution. Additionally, personal savings, part-time jobs, fundraising efforts, and loans are potential avenues to cover the costs. It's crucial to plan and budget accordingly, considering expenses such as tuition fees, travel, accommodation, meals, and insurance.

How long can I study abroad?

The duration of study abroad programs varies. Some programs may last for a semester, typically around four to six months, while others can span an entire academic year. Additionally, there are short-term study abroad programs that run during summer or winter breaks, typically lasting from a few weeks to a couple of months. The length of your study abroad experience depends on the program you choose and your academic goals.

What are the language requirements for studying abroad?

Language requirements vary depending on the study abroad program and the language of instruction in the destination country. Some programs are conducted entirely in English, while others may require proficiency in the host country's language. If you plan to study in a non-English speaking country, you might need to provide proof of language proficiency through exams such as TOEFL or IELTS. However, there are also study abroad programs designed for language immersion and learning.

How do I choose a study abroad program?

When selecting a study abroad program, consider factors such as the destination country, available courses, language requirements, program duration, cost, cultural immersion opportunities, and support services provided by the program or university. Research various options, consult with your academic advisor, attend information sessions, and connect with alumni or students who have previously participated in study abroad programs to gather insights and make an informed decision.

When is the best time to study abroad?

The best time to study abroad depends on your academic goals and personal circumstances. Many students choose to study abroad during their undergraduate years, typically in their third or fourth year. However, opportunities for study abroad exist at various academic levels, including during graduate programs or even after completing a degree. It's essential to consult with your academic advisor to determine the most suitable time for you.

How can studying abroad contribute to my future career?

Studying abroad can greatly benefit your future career prospects. It demonstrates qualities such as adaptability, cultural awareness, independence, and global perspective, which are highly valued by employers in an increasingly interconnected world. Additionally, studying abroad can provide you with international networking opportunities and exposure to different academic approaches, enhancing your academic and professional development. It can open doors to global job opportunities .

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